Imagine a 'Little Black Book' of every single Old Colfeian... As an Old Colfeian, you're probably going to need a good plumber and a good lawyer at some stage in your life! Or you might just want to look up an old classmate.

This is the Colfeian Directory, the Little Black Book of Colfe's, and this is where you'll find them.


  1. The more details you make visible to fellow OCs, the better this directory becomes.This page is ONLY visible to fellow OCs and no-one else.
  2. The information owner (YOU) controls what information is shared and visible on this secure, password protected area of the site.
  3. To update your own details, Log In (or Create an Account) and then go to My Account\Update my details
  4. We do not share your information with any third parites - you're our Old Colfeian, not anyone elses!

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